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Converged Infrastructure

FYC uses the model Just Right IT Hewlett Packard to support our customers on their way to the Converged Infrastructure and beyond

Consolidate IT components into a single integrated platform with centralized management, can increase infrastructure utilization and reduce costs

Converged Infrastructure is a concept that forms part of the data center modernization movement of today. Business requirements and IT challenges are forcing companies to consider with greater strength investments that leverage its growth, innovation, agility and competitive advantage.

However, infrastructure silos impede the adoption of new technologies. A new approach is needed.

Business benefits of Converged Infrastructure

  • A simpler infrastructure management
  • Reduce costs in the data center
  • Accelerates deployment of new applications and services through a more agile provisioning?
  • Greater scalability and elasticity
  • Faster IT response time for business requirements
  • Simplifies the path to the cloud
  • Greater integration between IT teams
  • More control

Design & Implementation

Converged Infrastructure is a crucial step in the road to cloud computing

FYC uses the Just Right IT model of Hewlett Packard to accompany our clients on their way to Converged Infrastructure and beyond. Whether your company is beginning, gaining momentum and expand into new territories, Just Right IT is designed to meet your needs at every stage of development of your company with technology solutions that are simple, affordable and reliable.

Companies should strongly consider Converged Infrastructure solutions when are required to meet any of the following objectives
  • Reduce costs and complexity in your data center or corporate network
  • Plan cloud solutions?
  • Add value by integrating new applications and services within your infrastructure in an easy and inexpensive way
Address specific performance demands for applications such as
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Citrix Desktop
  • VDI
  • MS Exchange or SQL
  • Improve administration, management and provision of resources (time to market)
  • Establish an IT architecture that combines modern computing resources, storage and networking

HP’s Just Right IT maturity model


The four pillars of the data center are servers, storage, networking and virtualization

In the increasingly digital world of today, companies have realized the need to invest their time, talent and money to develop those skills that will distinguish them from competitors.For them to outsource non-primary business functions, is an increasingly attractive option.

Many studies reveal that the management of IT infrastructure is a critical enabler for business success. A model of infrastructure management that is cost effective, flexible and scalable, allows companies to react more effectively to market changes, increasing operational efficiency and improving overall business performance.  Converged Infrastructure contributes to this efficiency by providing a common management environment for data centers.

Our data center management services help to create a stable and safe environment for your applications and IT services. Process definition, standardization, automation and proactivity are the keys to achieving a data center with service levels and performance demanded by the market. These services can help you achieve significant improvements in infrastructure utilization, mitigate risk and reduce operating costs.

Benefits of FYC’s Converged Infrastructure services

  • Extensive experience in designing and implementing infrastructure solutions in some of the most important companies in the region
  • Complete Converged Infrastructure solutions portfolio?
  • Mitigate employee turnover risks
  • Reduce costs associated with implementation, management and administration of IT platforms?
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