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Data & Storage Management

Our storage infrastructure management services help companies get the most value and performance of their IT investments

The requirements of storage solutions have never been more demanding

The digital society is producing information like never before, that needs to be kept indefinitely and make it available in real time from anywhere in the world. IT organizations must deal with large volumes of data distributed across different platforms, applications and storage systems, face difficulties on staffing, proliferation of devices and increased operating costs. To overcome these challenges, better storage management solutions are needed.

Technologies available today, as federation, storage virtualization, deduplication and data compression allow companies to make better use of their storage. The benefits gained from these technologies include reduced costs, both capital and recurrent costs of operation and maintenance.

Key storage technologies

  • Data lifecycle management
  • Federation and storage virtualization
  • Automatic provisioning
  • Deduplication
  • Disaster recovery and data protection

Storage management also helps improve data center performance. For example, compression technologies can make I/O operations faster and automatic storage provisioning speeds up the process of allocating storage resources to applications.

Additionally, virtualization and automation technologies help make businesses more agile.
These storage management technologies enable capacity reallocation as the business evolves, reducing wasted space and helping to respond to changes in market conditions.

Finally, technologies such as replication and mirroring improve the reliability and availability of the Data Center. These technologies are particularly important for managing backups, but also apply to primary storage.

Storage in numbers

Design & Implementation

Our solutions help you optimize your storage, archiving, data backup, disaster recovery and compliance

As that the quantity of digital information your company creates and consumes grows exponentially, it becomes necessary to cope with the constant cycle of hardware upgrades and increased spending on infrastructure.

However, not all information is created equal. Different types of information are subject to different regulatory requirements of storage, persistence and availability. There is no single approach that meets all the needs of the organization.

Only looking at the data through its lifecycle - from its creation, maintenance, backup and recovery - you can design a model that reduces cost, complexity and risk.

FYC provides a wide range of storage solutions to ensure business continuity, disaster recovery, compliance and optimal access to the information your business needs.

Our solutions portfolio is structure around the following focus areas

Big Data - make the big data work for you

With more information coming from more sources faster than ever before, the question is: what is your strategy for Big Data?

Businesses that manage to combine existing and new data types to make better business decisions, or that use new data sources as social networks, sensors, location and video to improve their processes, are those that set apart from their competition in the marketplace of today.

The potential to transform the business that exist in Big Data, means that companies are investing heavily in this area. But Big Data requires more than just storage: needs management and protection for your increasingly large and complex data repositories. Organizations require a logical way to manage their data and make it accessible in real time to help people make better business decisions.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

A study by Gartner shows that 40% of companies that lose their data in a disaster, disappear in less than five years.

A Disaster Recovery Plan is critical to ensure business continuity. In the event of a disaster, the survival of the company depends on its ability to replicate their systems and data in the shortest possible time.

High Availability

Continuous data protection and application availability are absolutely essential when your business depends on technology.

Redundancy is the key to storage high availability since it keeps the data in more than one location, eliminating "single points of failure". Unfortunately, storage high availability is often expensive and difficult to implement and requires expertise to maximize the use of available resources.


Deploy a new storage device is only half the equation for a Storage Solution

With our storage infrastructure management services, companies can get the most value and performance from their IT investments. FYC offers quality, within a holistic approach to total or partial management of your infrastructure.

We offer a comprehensive solution designed  to align technology with your business. Our methodology includes strategic planning, design and incident management, focused on what matters most: your business objectives.

Our team of specialists is available to work with you through design, transition and operational support, without losing sight of the fundamental objective of improving the service.

Our storage and data management solutions allow your company

  • Understand the current state of your infrastructure and develop a "roadmap" to support future initiatives
  • Keep your information protected, fulfilling regulations and available, according to your business expectations
  • Prevent loss of critical information through a robust disaster recovery strategy
  • Categorize data based on value and importance, streamlining costs and reducing complexity and risk
  • Improving efficiency in storage management, allowing faster response to business requirements
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