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Data Center

Design, implementation and integration of IT solutions to innovate and improving your business

Get more from your IT infrastructure with our Data Center solutions

The conventional Data Center has been, until now, the traditional vehicle for supporting the business and stay competitive. However, while technology liberated organizations from the “bricks & mortar” that once defined and contained them, the data center have retained much of the inflexibility and high costs helped overcome in other areas of the business.

The new model for a Data Center is less tied to a physical infrastructure of the company and more integrated into the very fabric of the organization and extending towards customers and suppliers. It is a model designed to contain the problem of complexity and costs expansion, but also increasing efficiency and productivity, allowing new business services in a more automated and effective manner.

Business benefits

  • Optimize your Data Center design
  • Eliminate information "silos"
  • Explore opportunities to save costs and boost service levels
  • Explore how virtualization can work for your organisation
  • Trim capex and opex expenditure through a cloud model
  • Scale quickly when the business requires
  • Extend the useful life of your Data Center
  • Reduce your energy consumption

Design & Implementation

Whatever vision you may have of the Data Center, the most important thing to understand is where it is now and what do you want it to be able to do in the future.

Is your Data Center today the one your business needs? Do you have enough virtualization? Storage? Availability? What is the right solution for you? a private cloud, a public cloud or a combination?

Over the coming years Gartner projects an annual growth of 10% in computing requirements, 35% in bandwidth, 50% in storage and 20% in energy costs. To meet this demand requires transforming the current Data Center model, making it more flexible, efficient and less expensive to operate. That is the new paradigm and FYC can help:

  • Analyze all your IT assets
  • Comprehensively assess your infrastructure
  • Apply ITIL and ITSM industry best practices.?
  • Review operational readiness of your support teams?
  • Calculate growth requirements
  • Design the best solution to meet your technical and financial goals


Due to the dynamic and ever changing world of technology of today, There is often a communications gap between those who are responsible for your physical Data Center and those who are responsible for all the technology inside.

To manage a high-performing Data Center that is also secure and effective, you have to bridge that gap and get your facilities team and your IT team to work together. That means developing an integrated approach to managing the Data Center strategy.

FYC provides services and solutions to truly help you optimize the Data Center


Data Center Outsourcing

Leave us to manage the end-to-end operation of your data center environment..

Maintenance and Support Services

We keep your data center running at peak performance around the clock.


Does your Data Center network has sufficient capacity, availability and security to meet new initiatives like Cloud Computing?


We'll help you optimize storage, archiving, retrieval, backup and recovery of data to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.

Systems Management

Proactively manage your systems can mean significant cost savings and greater competitive advantage.

The FYC advantage

  • A Professional Services Organization with over 1.5 million  man-hours on projects in 12 countries
  • 17 years of experience designing, implementing and managing servers and storage solutions in the Latin American market.
  • More than 50 implementations of high availability and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Gold Partner of Hewlett Packard on servers, storage and networking.?
  • Vmware, Microsoft and RedHat certified partner for Data
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