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Enterprise Mobility

People need access to customers, suppliers, employees and business assets anytime, anywhere

Enterprise mobility: creating the workplace of tomorrow

A person uses on average 2.9 devices to connect to the Internet. By 2012, 17 billion devices, mostly non-traditional devices such as smartphones and tablets, connected to the internet daily.

Mobility has become a way of life in this interconnected world of today. People need access to customers, suppliers, employees and business assets anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, employees more and more need to use their own devices, like smartphones or tablets in the workplace.

"Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)" is a concept in which employees use their own personal devices to do their jobs in where and when suits them best.  Check emails in the morning on the way to work, answering customer inquiries from a café or restaurant, review results reports from home or our childrens’ school, are all situations that dominate the reality of everyday life for most of us.

We have designed a practical approach for unifying networks and applications, providing a consistent experience that allows

  • Increase employee efficiency and improve customer experience
  • Collaborate in real time using business applications, voice, video, messaging or email
  • Maintain security and access policies for networks and devices
  • Redefine business processes with services such as location and voice
  • Locate enterprise assets in real time

Design & Implementation

BYOD requires a comprehensive and inclusive vision

In FYC we understand that developing an effective mobility strategy involves much more than simply measuring the workspace and determine the location and the optimal number of wireless antennas. We go further and seek to understand the number and type of devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.), the type of traffic they generate (voice, video, data, etc.) and the enterprise services your users demand.

In addition, security is the foundation of everything we do. Mobility without security is worse than not having any mobility. We evaluate your security needs as an integral component of your communications infrastructure, in order to design a complete solution.

Let us help you use the power of mobility in your business and get the maximum benefits of this technology.


Be part of the wave of mobility without its risks

Devices and mobile applications are critical to the success of your business, but also create a myriad of challenges. You need to manage security, compliance and devices, providing the functionality that the users are accustomed to in their own mobile devices. You need to define policies, but also need tools to enforce these policies, monitor and control the use of your platform.

In FYC we offer the services and tools you need to manage your platform, covering all key aspects of your strategy

  • Policy enforcement
  • Security and compliance
  • Separation of personal and corporate applications and data
  • Inventory management, provisioning and tracking
  • Software distribution
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