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ITSM is built around processes and best practices that measure the end-to-end service delivery and the efficiency of the solution to meet service expectations from end users

ITSM provides the roadmap for IT Transformation

The most effective IT organizations understand the imperative to align their activities with the business objectives. The company expects the delivery of value in a predictable and responsible way.  Delivering services that meet business needs is a complex goal that involves a multitude of IT components - servers, networks, databases and applications.

IT Service Management (ITSM) is the process of aligning IT services with the business. ITSM deals mainly in how to deliver IT resources so as to produce the best experience in the use of applications, business processes, IT services or complete solutions.

ITSM is built around processes and practices that measure the delivery of solutions from start to finish and efficiency of the solution to meet service expectations.

Even though often used interchangeably, ITIL and ITSM are two different things. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a set of best practices, procedures, standards and a framework for ITSM that helps organizations and individuals to manage IT services in a structured way. ITSM is the implementation of a management model within the organization. Together, ITSM and ITIL, create an ecosystem of services with the ability to deliver and manage quality services.

Design & Implementation

Transforming ITIL© into real world solutions

Implement an ITSM program is not easy. Involves designing or improving processes to meet business objectives and find the right tool to provide a platform that can evolve as the business changes.

FYC provides a wide range of ITSM services focused on defining IT processes. Our services are focused on delivering processes that provide the highest possible value to the organization, prioritizing IT work according to business impact, capitalizing on process automation and adapting quickly to the needs of the business.

Our methodology takes into account key aspects to facilitate the adoption of IT best practices, including

  • IT Process Scorecard
  • IT service catalog
  • Service components map
  • Operational plans
  • Review and continuous improvement committees

Since 1999, the FYC has worked on implementing ITSM processes and software for some of the largest companies the region. If you are considering implementing an ITSM program or improve your current processes, consider working with an experienced partner that help you define effective processes that contribute to your business objectives.


Managing people, processes and tools in your IT operation can be time consuming, complex and expensive. Systems and IT services take time to build and are expensive to maintain, particularly if they are specialized in an industry or business area.

Well managed services ensure that your IT operations are cost-effective, meet business goals and evolve with it. To do this, your service provider should be able to handle the technology comprehensively, offering the technical expertise, service consistency and flexibility necessary to adapt to your business needs.

Placing one or more areas of your IT organization into the hands of an outside vendor requires trust. In FYC we have more than 10 years delivering ITSM services designed according to our customers’ needs and guaranteed in terms of a service level agreements between the parties. Our approach begins with a high level business discussion to set goals and strategy, allowing us to assess the ability of technology to enable the business and place the results of the analysis in the context of its business impact.

FYC is committed to implementing practical, simple and cost effective solutions, shaped to your needs and adapted to the realities of the market and industry.

The FYC Advantage

Our IT Service Management solutions helps organizations to establish IT processes based on industry best practices, creating the foundation for achieving the service levels expected by the rest of the organization

ITSM benefits

  • Improve service levels
  • Optimize the use of IT assets
  • Contributes to faster resolution of problems
  • Reduce the occurrence of critical failures
  • Manages change effectively
  • Provides increased capacity to prevent problems
  • Provides greater capacity to anticipate business needs
  • Improved IT productivity
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