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Java is an open software development platform, portable and platform independent, commonly used in developing Web applications and middleware integration platforms

IT systems are the basis for achieving the maximum return on investment from technology

They should be agile, cost-effective and make use of the latest technology. Java does all that.

Java is an open development platform, portable and independent from the computing architecture, commonly used in developing of Web applications and middleware integration platforms.

For over 14 years, FYC has helped its customers to consistently achieve success in their markets through the development of software solutions. Our engineers are true experts in requirements analysis, design, development, implementation, testing and deployment of complex solutions. They have a deep understanding of technology and have the expertise to consistently achieve excellence, aligning technical solutions to business needs.

Design & Implementation

FYC understands that to build effective Java applications requires a thorough knowledge of the language, frameworks, object-oriented design and implementation of business solutions. We can help you navigate all the possibilities offered by Java technology that best suit your needs.

Our approach is comprehensive management of the lifecycle of IT assets. Understanding this lifecycle is the first step to increase the efficiency and control costs in your organization, while making sure to have the resources required at the time you need them.

Our Java/J2EE services include

  • Architecture definition, design and development of Java applications
  • Performance analysis and tuning
  • Web development
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Installing, upgrading and migrating applications
  • Maintenance and support of Java applications
  • Project Management
We have over 2,000 Java projects executed for some of the more important companies in the region


Driving business agility through a new vision of IT

Applications are the lifeline of organizations. Help connect different categories of users to execute transactions with business significance. Hence operation and performance of applications is critical for any organization.

According to HFS Research, 48% of companies plan to increase application development and maintenance outsourcing in the coming years. Why do so many companies are outsourcing their applications? It has to do primarily with time and cost.
Recruit and retain staff with the necessary skills in applications and data integration can be difficult, which increases the risk of quality and meeting deadlines. Furthermore, using house staff in a project takes away time and focus on their day-to-day responsibilities, which can bring greater productivity problems.

IT organizations can no longer afford to only support routine operations. They need to become directly involved in business performance through a comprehensive view of their applications environment. Our vision of Application Management services is aimed at going beyond the routine functions and provide customers a real-time status of their applications, aligning IT with the business and reducing costs.

Application Management Services

The proposed development process is critical for business success

Typically a software development proposal contains the project objective, scope, deliverables, acceptance criteria, planning and cost. However, a comprehensive Application Management service has to move beyond a specific project and become the basis for supporting the entire lifecycle of software development.

Our Application Management service uses the best practices in software development, incorporating aspects such as

  • Strategic Vision
  • Program structure and operational management
  • Service transition
  • Resource management
  • Requirements, incident and problem management
  • Integral quality
  • Environment management
  • Continuous improvement process

Our Application Management service portfolio includes

  • Application development
  • Application maintenance
  • Management and support
  • Application upgrade and update
  • Software analysis and tuning
  • Architecture assessment
  • Architecture definition
  • SOA implementation
  • Testing services

Our Java solutions can help you

  • Build complex systems using components developed in multiple technologies
  • Porting legacy applications to the new enterprise software platform
  • Optimize the performance of your systems and applications To help improve the quality through software architecture design and standardization of tools
  • Make use of emerging technologies to improve the user experience
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