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Managed IT Services

It is a service delivery model in which one or more IT functions are unloaded in a third party who assumes responsibility for monitoring, maintenance, management and resolution of problems, typically in a 7x24 scheme

What kind of support does your organization have?

If you answer "no" to any of these questions, chances are you are using a "break & fix" approach to support your infrastructure

  • Do you know immediately if any of your backups fail?
  • Do you know what computers are outdated and need to be replaced in the next 6 months?
  • Do you know if your servers and PCs have the latest antivirus installed and working properly?
  • Do you know if all your computers have the latest patches installed?
  • Do you know who are the users who use more internet, if they are downloading large files or if are accessing inappropriate websites?
  • You know what PCs do not have enough memory and are affecting user performance?
  • Do you have a unique phone number for users to call for all IT requirements?
  • Do you know of the IT people only after something goes wrong?

Managed IT Services is also a philosophical shift in the way the business manages its technology. Instead of following the traditional "break & fix" pattern, waiting for a device to fail to repair it, Managed IT Services focus on prevention of these incidents before they affect employees, customers or suppliers.

Design & Implementation

Get ready for IT transformation

As the challenges and new trends of modern business escalate, often the focus shifts to technology: is IT an asset or an obstacle?

Everyday it is more difficult to manage this increasingly complex environment and prevent the escalation of costs caused by inefficiencies and waste. Your company may be paying for storage that is not using or investing increasing amounts of time in managing obsolete servers. Or may be investing lots of money training and retraining its staff to keep up with technology, assuming the risk of turnover.

With our IT Management Services, you can maintain the technological flexibility of your datacenter, while we take care of your network, servers and storage infrastructure, in your offices or remotely.

Our portfolio includes servers, storage, networks and applications management, in the form that best suits your needs:

Supplementary IT

Even with a dedicated team, sometimes it is not enough. Managing day to day operations of a business of any size can be a challenge for your IT team. FYC provides supplemental support that can help open doors for emerging technology, expand the capabilities of your staff, fill gaps in knowledge and generally help your IT department to be more successful.

Outsourced IT

Fully outsource one or more IT functions provides access to a greater experience without the problems associated with managing personnel. A pragmatic and cost-effective outsourcing optimize the performance of your systems, so that your business does not suffer from lack of resources, experience or skills, while providing the flexibility to scale as your business demands.

Whatever the challenge, you can assume it with the confidence of having a partner who provides 360 degrees of proactive, preventive and corrective IT management. All businesses depend on technology. That is why it is important to have a dependable partner.


Do IT Managed Services cost more than the traditional model?

Not really! Surprisingly Managed IT Services cost less than traditional services, especially when you include the true cost of downtime.

Remote monitoring, maintenance and prevention of major issues allow Managed IT Services being more efficient than the traditional "break & fix" scheme in which problems are always treated as emergencies. For these reasons, Managed Services can mean a "better" service without necessarily being more expensive.

A well maintained IT infrastructure always works better than the alternative. With proactive monitoring, patch management and performance optimization done regularly, you will notice huge differences in operation ... and you will feel the benefits of preventing fires, rather than fight them.

Many technologies can be handled as Managed Services. Here are some of the most common

  • Backup and recovery
  • Virtual desktops
  • Help desk
  • Hosting
  • Databases
  • Messaging
  • Monitoring and simulation
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Servers and operating systems
  • Storage

Why FYC?

Our services are built on ITIL standard processes for problem, change and configuration management. We have highly qualified staff and provide a variety of indicators (SLA) to ensure that your critical systems will have the availability your business needs

Six Benefits of Managed IT Services

  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Provides cost-effective access to specialized support resources
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Enables focus on business, not technology
  • Facilitates ongoing monitoring of the infrastructure.
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