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FYC Microsoft solutions help you use technologies as .Net, Sharepoint or Hyper-V to design and implement cost-effective solutions for your company

Helping create the digital society

Innovation is a necessity for companies seeking to gain a competitive advantage in an environment where the only constant is change. However, as technological advances allow companies to operate more effectively, in the same way also makes it difficult to stay current.

FYC Microsoft solutions help you use technologies such as .Net, Sharepoint or Hyper-V to design and implement cost-effective solutions for your company.

Your business benefits

  • Make web 2.0 and real-time collaboration a reality
  • Respond quickly to business needs
  • Make your applications more agile and improve customer-company interaction
  • Enable mobile technologies and make your organization more productive
  • Increase the involvement of workers with a more secure social platform where internal personnel can have meaningful conversations that add real value to your organization

Design & Implementation

When it comes to Microsoft technology, FYC is a recognized leader in delivering business solutions. Our services and innovative solutions help our customers improve their business agility, employee productivity and customer loyalty.

Infrastructure Services

Designing IT environments to support ERP systems, business intelligence or any other mission critical application, is much more than just configure a hardware solution. It is a project in itself and the key to success in any technology initiative.

IT infrastructure becomes an strategic factor when it is aligned with your business objectives. May be the strategic asset that mobilizes your organization, but can also be complex, expensive and difficult to manage.

Our Microsoft infrastructure services help our customers select, design and implement the most suitable technology for their business and support them adapt this technology to their specific needs. Our customer-oriented approach helps you get maximum results from your investment, increasing business productivity while reducing capital and operating expenses.

Web Development

The web is an essential platform for business applications. Public Web sites, intranets and extranets, have become de facto standards for communicating a brand, marketing campaigns, enable business interactions and enable secure communication between employees, suppliers and customers.

In FYC we have worked on development of web applications almost from the very coming of the web. Our approach is oriented to support the customer throughout the lifecycle of their applications, from strategy, development and application modernization to maintenance and ongoing support.


Connect, share, collaborate.

It is possible your business needs a better way to manage documents and collaborate, but you are unsure of which way to go. Perhaps you have already tried unsuccessfully some solutions or simply do not know where to start.Technologies such as social networks have fundamentally changed the expectations of users and the dynamic between customers and suppliers.

Microsoft SharePoint integrates seamlessly with Windows and offers a wide variety of options for communication, collaboration, internet / extranet, business intelligence and more. Using SharePoint, many companies, large and small, have managed to optimize their processes making it easier for their personnel to communicate and find the right information at the right time.

Our team of SharePoint experts can help you

  • Creating a corporate website
  • Developing a customer portal
  • Development of SharePoint based applications
  • Architecture design
  • Data and application integration
  • Deployment of SharePoint solutions


Our Application Management services provide alternatives to manage the complete applications lifecycle, from conceptualization to support and continuous maintenance. Our approach is based on a flexible model that allows you to evaluate different options, from extra staff for your projects to a full-service outsourcing one or more applications.

Through our Application Management services, you can

  • Improve agility and response time
  • Improve the quality and adaptability of your systems
  • Improve operational efficiency through well-defined processes, fewer defects and higher productivity
  • Reduce development, maintenance and support costs
  • Improve productivity by reallocating key resources to other activities with higher business value



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