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Advances in network technology give IT departments the ability to provide businesses a real competitive advantage by integrating intelligence within their network infrastructure.

Intelligent networking - the future of the workplace

To stay competitive in today's marketplace, business must make available to their employees new ways of working that facilitate collaboration, provide them immediate and secure access to corporate networks and make use of the advantages of the cloud.

Virtualization of the Data Center is creating new demands on network infrastructure. With applications that may reside in public or private networks and users accessing them from a myriad of new devices, the corporate network requires to provide new functionality to end users, addressing traffic growth in an effective and secure manner.

Design & Implementation

Turn your network into a platform for success

FYC can help you improve your network performance by developing strategies for rationalization, location, communication and security of your applications. Our network experts have the experience to assist you integrating technology to make your network a more effective vehicle to access IT resources.

In addition, our architectural services are designed to ensure that the data center network is aligned with your virtualization strategy, in order to obtain the maximum benefits of the Software-defined Infrastructure.

By 2020, it is estimated that the world will have 50 billion devices connected to the Internet

FYC can help you manage the complexity of maintaining consistency between you "wired" and "wireless" networks through some of our services:

Enterprise Networking

Assess, design and integrate your enterprise networks to optimize performance of your infrastructure.

Data Center Networking

Design a next generation architecture for your data center, incorporating gigabits (Gb) speeds and obtain all the benefits of software-defined infrastructure.


Is your business ready to meet the new challenges of mobility and trends like "bring your own device" or BYOD? Let us help you develop a strategy for wireless networks that support your new workforce.


The best way to determine if outsourcing is the solution to your problem is to review some of the most common reasons for implementing this model. If one or more of these apply to your current situation, there is a high probability that outsourcing is the solution:

  • High IT staff turnover
  • Resources not available in the company are required
  • It is necessary to lower IT complexity
  • The business is not up to date with technology
  • It is necessary to comply with government regulations
  • The business needs standard processes
  • SLAs are not being met
  • New applications are being deployed

Through our Network Management Services, FYC can provide IT support and infrastructure management to help you solve your network problems and keep your business running 24x7.

FYC’s Network Management Service business benefits

  • One solution - a single entity responsible for your network operation prevent loss of time and saves you money
  • Savings - a fixed monthly fee helps eliminate inefficiencies and avoid capital expenditures
  • Experience - allowing outside experts take care of your network lets you focus on your business
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