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Open Source

Transform open systems technology into a business advantage has become a powerful catalyst to drive businesses to stay ahead of changes and maximize investments

The motivations for using open source range from ethical or philosophical grounds to purely practical reasons.

Usually, the first advantage perceived is the fact that the software is available at little or no cost. However, what really distinguishes open source is the combination of a set of features that together produce an implementation model with real benefits to the business.

Advantages of open source

  • No unilateral restrictions on how the software can or should be used
  • No single entity of which depends the future of the software
  • Its not possible the existence of "black boxes" because the source code is available
  • There is always the possibility of modifying the software and create a customize version
  • There are no costs per user or per copy
  • There are fewer conflicting priorities in the software evolution due to market pressures

Design & Implementation

Our team of experts in open systems provide consultancy in best practices and direct assistance in the use of open source software in the enterprise.

Key factors that make the difference

  • Solutions adapted to your business needs
  • Cost reduction with high levels of user satisfaction
  • Accelerate the implementation of new initiatives, products and services
  • Easy to extend and integrate with other systems
  • Scalable, stable and secure with high performance
  • Training in open systems is key to help you get the most from your platform

Our open systems services offering includes:

Open Systems Migration

Take advantage of our experience on open systems to accelerate your migration project. Our services range from project planning to programming of specific SOA services.

Architecture and Design

The growing role of IT in the business have driven the need to find architectures that enable them to maximize their investment and make easier the adaptation to future requirements. Our consultancy in architecture and design will help you make the right decisions to ensure competitiveness and long-term productivity.

Design and Integration

We can assist you in development, maintenance and integration of applications to your systems platform, helping reduce risks and maximizing the benefits that the open systems model can bring to your organization.


Companies are demanding solutions that are scalable, reliable and efficient for their data centers. Linux has shown that open systems are as robust as any proprietary software. Our open systems infrastructure services address key areas such as virtualization and management with an integrated approach, aligned with your current and future business needs.


Change is inevitable in any business area. Change reflects our responsiveness to the needs of an intrinsically dynamic world.

The open systems model has the secret to achieving extraordinary changes in the business world of today. It allows organizations and individuals to collaborate with each other as never before.

Our open systems management services give you access to the combined experience of our team of experts who accompany you in all that has to do with your software and the community of open systems, to guide you in how to obtain the maximum benefits for your project.

The skills of our team of open systems experts cover a wide range of skills, including

  • Distributed applications development
  • Linux applications development services
  • Open Source software development
  • Component development
  • Mobile application development
  • XML application development



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