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Private Cloud

Cloud computing provides the means to achieve compliance with the increasing technological requirements of your business

What can a private cloud do for your organization?

Cloud computing provides the means to achieve compliance with the increasing technological requirements of your business. It can mitigate risks and reduce costs and time to operate the infrastructure of your applications, allowing you to focus your time and effort on growing your business.

However, the cloud is not without risk: security, compliance, integration and internal preparation are aspects that must be taken into account.

Benefits of private clouds
  • Higher level of security and privacy, maintaining the advantages of the cloud
  • More control, since the cloud is managed according to your specific needs
  • Greater cost and energy efficiency, as IT resources are allocated in a flexible manner within the business
  • Increased reliability, since virtualized environments are less susceptible to failures than physical infrastructure

Design & Implementation

Get the benefits of the cloud without leaving your Data Center

A private cloud is a particular model of cloud computing that involves a cloud-based environment where only one client can operate. As public clouds, private clouds provide computing power in a virtualized environment, using an underlying set of physical resources.

However, implementing a private cloud is a pragmatic decision that should be executed with a thorough understanding of the interdependencies within your IT infrastructure. The key is to develop a strategy to align your short-term needs with the long-term vision of your organization.

FYC has extensive experience working with cloud technology in a variety of industries. Our experts can help you choose the most appropriate strategy for your business and the best technology to achieve this long-term vision. We can also accompany you during the process and work with you in the review, improvement and management of your platform, building ITSM-based processes that meet your users needs.

Some aspects that need addressing in your Private Cloud strategy



Take advantage of the cloud without taking all the risks

Private clouds offer the power, efficiency and flexibility of public clouds, with the security, control and performance of a dedicated environment. But private clouds are difficult to manage.

Our Private Cloud Management Service allows you to take your business to the cloud faster, but removing the burden of maintenance, optimization and support from your IT team.

Our private cloud managed services include
  • Incident management
  • Cloud setup, tuning and infrastructure optimization
  • Monitoring, reporting and escalation procedures
  • Process definition and operation guides
  • 7x24 support
  • Service level agreements compliance
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