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Quality Assurance

Outsource these processes can bring benefits to companies that are looking to improve the quality of their applications, reduce risk and hasten their deployment

Outsourcing of IT services is a strategic choice rather than another mechanism for cost savings.

The decision to leave in the hands of an outside vendor a part of IT is often made with the goal of reducing costs, redirecting energy to the core business or make better use of resources, technology and human capital.

An example of this is Testing and Quality Assurance. Outsourcing these processes can bring benefits to companies that are looking to improve the quality of their applications, control risk and reduce time to market. For these benefits to become real, organizations need a vendor that has the skills, experience and a strong consulting practice to help them reduce implementation cycle.

Critical factors for QA outsourcing

  • Ensure that business objectives agreed at the beginning of the contract are reviewed and adjusted during the term of this
  • Ensure that the transition between the "testing today" and "tomorrow testing" is minimizing impact on the business
  • Apply substantial and continuous improvements in the approach and methods used in your IT organization (not just testing)

Design & Implementation

Our Quality Assurance service offering cover the entire extent and depth of planning and execution of tests, through comprehensive and proven processes with the highest quality standards.

We have a team of experts with diverse skills for white box testing, web services testing, functional testing, automation, performance testing and volume testing. With a mix of effective processes, experience and proactive management, FYC offers faster testing and more cost-effective services.

Our service offering includes

Assessment and Process Consulting

Our engineers examine the maturity of your Quality Assurance function and assist you improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your projects.

Testing Centers Management

Consulting and tools necessary to establish a permanent test function within your organization.

Testing Engineering

Testing services for specific projects,  including:

  • Manual testing
  • Test automation
  • Load testing
  • Mobile apps testing
  • Specialized tests


Testing Lifecycle management solutions

For those companies who have problems with the performance of their applications, that are concerned about the quality of their systems, have difficulties recruiting staff with the testing skills and experience required or have difficulties to release new versions with the speed market demand, our Testing Lifecycle Management service may be the model they are looking for.

We offer testing capabilities for functional and nonfunctional requirements and test automation for organizations across the most diverse industries.

Quality Management System

Based on the best practices recognized by the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB), our engineering processes establish guidelines for all areas of Quality Assurance, providing uniformity and facilitating testing activities. Procedures for manual testing, test automation, planning and test execution are incorporated into our methodology, optimizing the efficiency of our testing deliverables.

Our Testing Lifecycle Services are designed to help you achieve

  • Quality objectives - systems and applications that perform as expected and with the reliability, performance and user satisfaction required by your business
  • Time to market - early identification of defects to achieve a faster deployment of your systems
  • Lower total cost of ownership - reduced rework and accelerated systems maintenance
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