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Service Desk

A Service Desk provides a single link between technology and the users of that technology

The Service Desk addresses a key component of the ITSM strategy: the interface between IT and end users

Service Desks and Help Desks are different concepts. Help Desks are designed to address adverse events that the users may experience: can’t connect to the network, the application does not run, can’t print, etc. Help Desks are the emergency room of TI.

A Service Desk has a more comprehensive approach to the needs of users in their interaction with IT. For example, when a person is hired, the Service Desk can generate the tickets to assign a computer to the user and get all the necessary privileges to access the network, database and enterprise applications. The Service Desk attends not only negative events.

A Service Desk provides a unique link between technology and users. Implementing a Service Desk is the next step to handle the needs of your organization closer and aligned with IT services and business needs.

Benefits of a Service Desk

  • Provides a single point of contact for all IT needs
  • Runs with predictable cost model
  • Ensures consistent call handling and documentation of each individual case
  • Eliminates the need for redundant staff in functional areas
  • Removes distractions for the management on operational issues

Design & Implementation

The future of IT service support

The technological reality of today's world, where the convergence of mobility, social networks, cloud and almost unlimited availability of information, create challenges for traditional IT support, but also create opportunities to streamline the user experience. The ability to demonstrate value is fundamental and modern IT support should place greater emphasis on proactive and enabling functionality for users.

The approach of traditional IT departments isolates IT operation from the rest of the organization. The teams know more about hardware and software versions than products or services sold by the company . There is a fundamental disconnection between IT and the business. In these traditional organizations a "good" day is typically defined in terms of systems availability, but rarely in terms of business results.

We need to rethink the purpose of IT Support

The strategic response to the New IT Support is a paradigm of digital office as a reflection of users experience in their daily lives. A model that enables new and more effective ways of working, make users more agile in their work and exploit current technologies and styles of electronic commerce, including:

  • Mobility - only 29% of IT organizations use mobile functions of their ITSM platforms
  • Social Networks - only 9% of IT organizations use social networks as a channel for communicating with their IT support teams
  • Automation - 60% of all support contacts can be resolved through "self service", but only 5% of them are actually automated (e.g. forgotten password.)


IT Transformation begins with your Service Desk

Effective solutions to Service Desk problems require continuous review targeted at the needs of final users. This can be achieved by establishing periodic checkpoints to ensure maintain alignment with the business.

What are the steps to transform your IT Support?

  • Increase the skill set of your IT support staff - business knowledge, interpersonal skills, analytical skills and understanding of technology are essential skills that your IT support staff should have.
  • Assess all interactions with IT Support - determine which ones are most valuable to the business, delete those that do not add value (may require changing policies and processes) and automate those that can be automated through a self-service portal.
  • Enable digital communication - options like text messaging, chat, VoIP, etc., should be an integral part of your strategy.
  • Modify the support model - open IT support to the organization, for example by providing options for users to go to an office with their laptops to solve a problem, in the style of Apple’s "Genius Bar", can contribute positively to the business and change the perception of IT.

Why FYC?

In FYC we have a team of professionals with the experience and knowledge required to fulfill your needs in a reliable and efficient manner. Our strategy takes into account the root causes that make IT organizations to usually operate in "firefighting" mode

  • Give users the tools to help themselves
  • Proactively identify and address recurring problems
  • Analyze the full impact of a change in your environment
  • Communicate effectively with the organization in business terms
  • Manage your operations more efficiently
  • Ultimately transform the way IT provides services
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