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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

As companies continue to adopt outsourcing models for critical business processes, SaaS becomes more attractive to both customers and software vendors

Agile, personalized and secure business solutions

As companies continue to adopt outsourcing models for critical business processes, SaaS becomes more attractive to both customers and software vendors.

"Software as a Service", commonly known as SaaS, is a software usage model in which access is offered as a web-based service, usually at a fixed monthly cost. Under this model, the software features can be adapted by the customer according to their business processes and can also be enabled or disabled on convenience.

Software-as-a-Service requires a change in how to the business model is thought

  • Technology "ownership" passes from IT to the functional area
  • Need to redesign processes to include cloud applications
  • Handing over management of business data to the vendor
  • End users will have more tools and options for "self-service"

Design & Implementation

Strategic solutions with accelerated results

Through our team of specialists, FYC provides specialized services for implementation, integration and support of cloud-based solutions. Our approach is to work with the client using our expertise in business processes and technology to achieve your expectations of functionality and ROI goals for your applications.

Our implementation services include the following technologies

Oracle HR Cloud

Find the right strategy for your company to obtain all the power of Human Capital Management solutions from Oracle.

Oracle CX Cloud

Having the best product, service or distribution network is no longer enough to maintain a relevant market position. Increase customer loyalty implementing Oracle Customer Experience solutions.

Our implementation process focuses on interpreting your business objectives

  • Strategic Planning: let us define together how to evolve SaaS to achieve your business goals.
  • Pre-Implementation: our experts will work with your team to determine scope, tasks, deliverables, planning, resources, roles and responsibilities.
  • Implementation: our experts and your project team will work on configuration and development of the new SaaS platform.
  • Change Management: to ensure your organization will adopt the new system, our change management experts work with your project team to identify the impact that the new solution will have in all departments and roles in your organization.
  • Integration: If your organization has a system that needs to be integrated with the solution to obtain maximum benefits, our team of technical specialists can help. Enter data manually or maintain multiple databases, are no longer an option.
  • Continuous Support: Post-production support services for SaaS platform.



Have you thought about what happens after your new system is deployed?

FYC provides SaaS platform management services for organizations without internal staff or that prefer to leave in experts hands the managing of their IT resources.

Relying on an outside vendor to manage your SaaS platform not only helps you reallocate resources to more strategic initiatives, but also reduces administration costs and help achieve your ROI goals faster.

We can provide access to dedicated resources to help you

  • Content creation and maintenance
  • Change configuration
  • Version upgrades
  • Addition of new products or features
  • Assess and resolve problems and incidents
  • Testing
  • Analysis and platform optimization
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